Our office buildings achieve the highest standards in terms of functionality and energy efficiency.

Necron Combines Aesthetics with Functionality.
And satisfies the Highest of Environmental Standards.

As an international investor, we are creating sustainable real estate projects at central locations in Europe, selectively focusing on many international markets. We focus on the highest standards of completion and incorporate state-of-the-art ecological concepts.

All of our projects are carefully evaluated. For this, we build selectively on exclusive partnerships, with companies that excel in their respective area: planners, architects, environmental engineers, etc.

Sustainability is no idle word for Necron: energy efficiency and utilization of ecological resources are second nature to us. We also place importance on modern structures, spacious proportions, magnificent architecture, and commensurate IT facilities.

Striking examples of this are projects in the master plans at the airports of Zurich-Kloten and Schiphol in Amsterdam. In Zurich, for example, alongside a modern office building, we are also constructing a free-trade warehouse featuring the highest of security standards for the storage of valuables – from classic cars to the paintings of old masters.

at Zurich Airport

At Flughofstrasse in Rumlang, a modern office building – an elegant glass structure – is currently under construction as part of Necron’s master plan.


Necron is developing a master plan at Schiphol Trade Park in Amsterdam.